Wednesday 24 February 2016

Toronto to Jeddah for $605 CAD

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Toronto to Jeddah

$605 CAD /w taxes return Saudia

Normally $1000 CAD for a direct route /w taxes return from Toronto to Jeddah for 2016, the only way to drop that price is to have a 1 or any number of nights stopover in Kuwait.

Toronto YYZ to Jeddah JED (can be any duration from 1 day to whole month)
Jeddah JED to Kuwait KWI (can be any duration from 1 day to whole month)
Kuwait KWI to Toronto YYZ
$605 CAD /w taxes return Saudia

Friday 5 February 2016

Late Night Munchies: Making Korean Hotteok (Sweet Korean Pancake)

So on our recent trip to Korea, we took a night time stroll along the Cheonggyecheon stream, which was lit up beautifully with lights and decorations. There was a row of tents with shops, street food, and other attractions as well running along the stream for tourists' enjoyment.

One of those tents sold a marvellously tasty treat which I've heard of called Hotteok (pronounced hod-dok) and when we visited a local grocery store later on, we found this box with a premade mix to make them! Score! 

Wednesday 3 February 2016

The Foodie Review: Halal Bakery Cafe Liaison (Tokyo, Japan)

See the Halal certification logo?

Before I tell you how delightful it was finding a fully halal bakery in the heart of Toyko, let me ask you something: In your childhood, have you ever been intensely curious about how good a food item was in a tv show or movie?