Monday 28 August 2017

Halal Chinese Lanzhou Hui Cuisine in Toronto | Orient Express

Orient Express / DFG Palace

One day while driving down the street in Scarborough, a quick glance to the passing shops yielded something shocking: a Chinese restaurant with the Halal symbol in the store sign! We quickly made a u-turn to find out what exactly this place was.

We were greeted and given a menu to look at, as they didn't have takeout menus in English. No problem, I told them. I took the Chinese menu and resolved to find out what was good.
The store manager spotted my hijabed self and assured me that they were one of the top Chinese halal restaurants. I was intrigued.

After consulting with a friend who helped me read some of the Chinese characters and pick out the most authentic dishes, we were ready to head back!

Note: We received verbal assurance about the restaurant's halal meat status. This restaurant does not serve alcohol.