Wednesday 27 July 2016

Restaurant Review: Chinese Halal Restaurant (Toronto, Canada)

This must be the fourth or fifth time we've been to this restaurant, and we always leave with smiles on our faces and our tummies satisfied. Chinese Halal Restaurant is a traditional restaurant serving Northern Style Chinese food, which is much different from the Hakka fare you get all over the GTA.

They feature a lot of lamb dishes, and features all of the traditional Chinese dishes but packed with flavours like cumin and chili. When we visited Shanghai and Beijing last year, we ate exactly these dishes with these exact flavours from the Muslim restaurants there, so these guys are pretty authentic.

Sunday 24 July 2016

Facebook Contest Official Rules: "Travel In Style Business Class Traveller's Kits"

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Tuesday 19 July 2016

Flight Review: Asiana Airlines Business Class 777-200 Seoul to Chicago

Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200 Seoul to Chicago Flight 
This was our final flight from last year's World Trip around Asia using our accumulated Aeroplan points. Alhamdulilah, after collecting for over 2 years, we managed to redeem several business-class flights for this trip. It was a lot of work but well worth the effort!

So finally, after a few weeks jumping from Turkey, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, and China, we spent an amazing few days in Seoul, and entered the airport for our final leg with a Business class flight with Asiana Airlines to Chicago, then a Business Class flight with Air Canada from Chicago to Toronto.

Wednesday 13 July 2016

Flight Review: Turkish Airlines Business Class A330-300 Istanbul to Kuala Lumpur

This was our second Business Class flight on our Euro-Asia World Trip in 2015, from Turkey on the way to our second stop: Singapore! These business class flights were redeemed from Aeroplan points, which we collected for over two years. After redeeming for the cost of flights, the only price we paid is the fuel surcharges, which ended up being very little.

We started off to the Istanbul airport travelling from the Nowy Efendi Hotel (see review here) by using the Tram.

Sunday 10 July 2016

Restaurant Review: Ibrahim B.B.Q (Scarborough, Canada)

So last night we decided we wanted to check out the Taste of Lawrence in Scarborough, Ontario, as we haven't gone to a food festival in a while. There were a few halal booths serving items such as burgers, Malaysian food, and vegetarian and seafood items, but after exploring a bit we decided that we would pass, as we weren't feeling for heavy or greasy dishes.

An unexpected waterfall from the sky led us to seek refuge under various roofs with other festival-goers, and finally we settled on going to Ibrahim B.B.Q, which was located right across the street from where we parked.

We ran for our lives and wound up in a line just outside the door, soaked to the bone and a little dishevelled, awaiting what we hoped to be delicious middle eastern food.