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Shanghai, China Itinerary: Tourist Sites, Restaurants, Mosques, Shopping, Pinned Map

After recently visiting Shanghai, we now understand the importance of doing your research before landing. There is a lot to do and see, and surprisingly, a lot of halal food available! Shanghai is a tourist friendly city in which people will commonly speak English, but you should still be prepared and have your destination's addresses written in Chinese in the case that you need directions.

Accessing the Internet in China - Research Needed!

The first thing you should know before coming to China is that if you rely on Facebook, Google, Gmail, Whatsapp, Google Drive, and many other popular apps on your phone to get around, you won't be able to access it using a Chinese sim card, as these apps are blocked in China.

How did we get around that? Well there are some common hacks, such as using a VPN on your phone, however that might be unreliable as more and more of those are being blocked each year. What we did was purchase an Asia-wide compatible SIM card in Hong Kong on our layover which was then able to access our apps unblocked.

Baidu vs. Google - How to search for Halal Restaurants in China

How about when you're doing your research before leaving home to find addresses and restaurants? Google maps is woefully outdated since it's blocked in China, so instead you have to access China's main search engine, Baidu. Don't worry! It's not that intimidating. Let's say you want to search for halal restaurants in Shanghai:

Step 1: Using a Chrome browser, go to

Step 2: Go to Google Translate, and translate the word "Shanghai" into Chinese (Traditional). You will get this: 上海 (Shanghai)

Step 3: Search 上海 (Shanghai) on Baidu maps so you can focus in on the city.

Step 4: Go back to Google Translate and translate the word "Halal" into Chinese (Traditional). You will get this:  清真 (pronounced ching-jen)

Step 5:  Search 清真 (halal) and zoom in and compare the Baidu map to a Google map in English that highlights the area nearby your tourist site (example: The Bund). When you find a restaurant that's nearby one of your destinations, click on the resulting pin, right-click the page and click "Translate to English".

Step 6: Have a quick read of the page (the translation will not be perfect and is often amusing!) and see if any menu items stand out that mention pork. If not, click the Street View button and have a look at the restaurant's storefront. 


Step 7: If the restaurant is halal, it will have very obvious signage that says halal in Arabic and might have decorations like mosque designs. This is the way we found all of our restaurants, and when we went to them, they were owned and operated by muslims. You can rest assured that you're eating halal.

The following picture is the Baidu streetview storefront of one of the restaurants we ate at, and as you can see, there are brothers wearing Kufis and sisters wearing hijab working beside signage which includes the Halal symbol. It was an awesome experience eating there!

Streetview from Baidu Maps of "Continuation Chang old Noodle"'s storefront

Shanghai Pinned Map

To save this map to your account and your phone for quick reference at home and on the go, scroll to the bottom of this article for instructions.

Tip: Zoom in and click on the pins for the direct link to the review websites!

No.Site NameChinese Site NameHours of OperationPriceRecommended Length of VisitStationAddressChinese AddressGoogle Map CoordinatesOfficial WebsiteReview Link
1The Bund上海外滩 (wàitān)Better at night!Free2-3 hoursEast Nanjing Road Station5 blocks of Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu between Jinling Lu and Suzhou Creek, Shanghai, China中山东一路5弄31.23834, 121.49066
2Yu Garden豫园 (Yùyuán)Morning Open:
pm Closed Park:
16:45 (17:15 clearance)
40 yuan2-3 hoursYu Garden StationNo.218 Anren Street, Huangpu District | near Fuyou Road, Shanghai 200010, China200010黄浦区安仁街218号31.22679, 121.49228
3Old French Concession旧法租界 (Jiùfǎ zūjiè)-Free1-2 hours
Puxi Central, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200000, China200000黄浦区浦西中心
4Ferguson Lane in Old French Concession武康庭 (Wǔkāng tíng )ExpensiveFree1-2 hoursShanghai Library376 Wukang Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai, China上海市徐汇区武康路376号
5Tianzifang in Old French Concession田子坊 (Tiánzi fāng)Very touristyFree1-2 hoursDapuqiao StationLane 210, Taikang Road, Luwan District, Shanghai上海市上海卢湾区泰康路田子坊, 210弄

No.Restaurant NameChinese Restaurant NameStyleHours of OperationStationAddressAddress in ChineseReview Link
0Yu Ren Wan Restaurant, Pudong International Airport, Terminal 1 Domestic Departure Hall, 3F

11:00 8:00 p.m.

1Lǎotóu qīngzhēn miànguǎn老头清真面馆Chinese 清真
Yu Garden186 Houjia Rd, Huangpu, Shanghai, China上海黄浦区侯家路186号(近方浜中路上海老街)
2Dōngfāng yà kè xī - Xinjiang Cuisine东方亚克西Lamb10: 00- 23:00Changping Road or Nanjing West RoadJingan District Xikang 379 (near Wuding Road)静安区 西康路379号(近武定路)
3Lanzhou La Mian
Hand pulled noodles8:00 - 22:00 Shaanxi South Road316 Nanchang Lu, Shanghai, Shanghai Shi 200020
4Lánzhōu niúròu lāmiàn兰州牛肉拉面Chinese 清真
建国中路26-6, 上海市卢湾区,3638249.75;13522863.24,3638512.25)&query=&qid=&page_num=&detail=cater&from=map&ugc_ver=1
5Zhèngzōng xīběi niúròu miàn正宗西北牛肉面

Nanjing East Road
6Qīngzhēn lánzhōu niúròu miàn清真兰州牛肉面Noodles
Zhongshan Park Anhua Road, Changning District, Shanghai (near Dingxi) 407上海长宁区安化路407号(近定西路),3638379.74;13519625.34,3640719.74)&query=&qid=&page_num=&detail=cater#newComments&from=map&ugc_ver=1
7Jīngpǐn niúròu miàn精品牛肉面

Shanghai Library

No.ShoppingChinese Site NameTypeHours of OperationStationAddressAddress in ChineseReview Link
1Nanjing Road 南京路 (Nánjīng lù)Western stores, street shopping
Nanjing East Road StationNanjing East Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200000, China200000黄浦区南京东路

No.Mosque NameMosque Name in ChineseHoursStationAddressAddress in ChineseReview Link
1Shanghai Fuyou Road Mosque上海市福佑路清真寺
Yu Garden378 Fuyou Road, Shanghai上海市福佑路378号
2Shanghai Xiaotaoyuan Mosque (largest)上海小桃园清真寺9:00am-20:00pmLaoximen52 Xiaotaoyuan Street, Nanshi District, Shanghai上海南市区小桃园街52号


How to save the "My Maps" Pinned Map to your Computer and Phone: 

Step 1: Click the "Star" button.

Step 2: Log into your Google or Gmail Account

Step 3: While logged in, go to and click the "Starred" tab, you will find the map there.

Step 4: For Mobile, open your Google Maps App and click "Your places"

Step 5: You will find the Pinned Map there, and you may also save it to an offline map so you can access it while not connected to data or wifi.

We'd love to answer any questions you may have! Happy traveling!



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