Tuesday 19 July 2016

Flight Review: Asiana Airlines Business Class 777-200 Seoul to Chicago

Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200 Seoul to Chicago Flight 
This was our final flight from last year's World Trip around Asia using our accumulated Aeroplan points. Alhamdulilah, after collecting for over 2 years, we managed to redeem several business-class flights for this trip. It was a lot of work but well worth the effort!

So finally, after a few weeks jumping from Turkey, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, and China, we spent an amazing few days in Seoul, and entered the airport for our final leg with a Business class flight with Asiana Airlines to Chicago, then a Business Class flight with Air Canada from Chicago to Toronto.

As usual, after checking in and receiving our boarding passes at the Incheon Airport, we were given access to the Asiana Airlines Lounge ahead of our flight.

There wasn't many vegetarian offerings, so we sampled some snacks and drinks instead.

The lounge was pretty spacious and had a lot of comfortable seats, so we relaxed with wifi access until our flight was ready.

I was rather excited to experience another long-haul Business class flight after having such a great time on our Business class flights on Turkish Airlines from Toronto to Istanbul and Istanbul to Kuala Lumpur on this trip.

Upon seeing the type of plane we were assigned for this flight gave us a bit of a clue for what was to come.

This was the older Boeing 777-200 plane, which means that the Business class seats were "angle-flat" style rather than "flat-bed" style.

Photo courtesy of: us.flyasiana.com

Instead of flat bed that we experienced on Turkish airlines, these seats angled downwards and extended, so you're ultimately lying down at an angle and slipping downwards while you try to sleep. I personally found this type of seat to be incredibly uncomfortable and painful, and left the flight with the same amount of discomfort I feel after a normal economy flight. My husband however found it to be completely fine, and was able to sleep normally, however he said that he definitely preferred the flat-bed seats more. So I guess some people will like it and some won't!

Here are the button controls for your seat. You could move each part individually, or press one button and the chair would automatically move into that position.

The Amenity kits were branded  "L'Occitane en Provence" brown zippered bags this time.

This was another really nice kit. It came with your usual pair of socks and eye-mask, along with lotion, a toothbrush and toothpaste, ear plugs, and a leather-cased comb!

So ended our final minutes in Seoul. We absolutely LOVED Korea, and hope to return one day inshaAllah.

As usual we booked the "Muslim Meal" on this flight way ahead of the trip. We found that the halal meals on non-muslim airlines were usually not as exciting as what we've had on airlines like Etihad or Turkish airlines, but there were some exceptions. So I was excited to see what we'd be presented with this time.

The dinner service started with a tablecloth on our trays and an elegant arrangement of seasonings, tea, bread, and several utensils, followed by different courses. This was one of the appetisers, some grilled vegetables with tomato and kidney beans. It looked lovely and tasted okay, but I remember adding salt and pepper to everything.

This was the other appetiser, some lettuce, grape leaf rolls, and grilled vegetables.

Then there was a bowl of potato soup. It was very bland and tasteless. I remember referring to this as "potato water".

This was one of the entrees, which was actually quite nice! It was a well seasoned beef along with some fragrant rice and vegetables. Didn't look like much but I was satisfied with it.

This was my husband's entree, steamed fish with potatoes and vegetables. My husband said he liked it, but I found it pretty bland. He said "it tasted very Asian, so it was okay for Asians, bland for brown people". I rest my case.

The Muslim Meal dessert on non-muslim airlines is usually fruit, so this was expected.

And then there was cake! This was a chocolate cake with whipped cream and fruit puree, which was nice.

Twelve hours later we landed in Chicago, en route to our next flight to Toronto.

We boarded an airport shuttle train which took us to the next terminal over.

And we even had some time to go to the Business Class lounge to go along with our , this time the United Club.

Next we boarded our next flight, an Air Canada ERJ-190 aircraft en route to Toronto.

This was a pretty short flight, but the seat was still nice.

Business class was served these delightful assortment of fresh snacks instead of the usual economy pretzels and cookies, which was cheese, crackers, grapes and veggies, and almonds.

Finally we landed in our wonderful home sweet home, at Pearson Airport in Toronto. These two Business class flights were very different from our experience on Turkish airlines, but they were still great, and alhamdulilah we are happy to have flown business class thanks to Aeroplan reward point redemptions, when these flights would otherwise be impossibly expensive.

And so ended our World Trip for 2015!

Stay tuned for our next one, coming up soon inshaAllah! :)



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