Saturday 17 September 2016

Restaurant Review: Krispy Krunchy Chicken (Irving, Texas)

It was a horrible, late night stuck in the Dallas Airport after our cancelled flight (and several hours afterwards calling about 60 hotels to find somewhere to sleep) that enabled us to visit this restaurant on a breezy August afternoon in Irving, Texas.

Eager to end our visit in Dallas on a light note before our next flight to San Jose, we called up an Uber and headed to Krispy Crunchy Chicken where we hoped to have some of the real stuff, some real halal southern-style fried chicken with all sorts of sides we've never had in Canada.

The menu has all the sorts of combos you'd expect from a cajun fried chicken place, along with a few different items that made me do a double take (I could have sworn it said MashaAllah Fish at first!). Since we hadn't had lunch yet, there'd be no food on the plane, and there wasn't many halal places near our hotel in San Jose when we landed, we decided to treat ourselves to a bit of a takeout feast.. for science of course.

The restaurant had a few families eating when we arrived, and the friendly staff was right at attention waiting to serve us. 

There is a lot of seating space along with some interesting Iced Tea drink dispensers (Southern Sweet Iced Tea!) along with all the other stuff you'd expect to find in your local Popeye's Chicken place.

The storefront had heating trays with these intriguing honey butter biscuits right in your face. 

Along with some some sides like Jambalaya (still regretting not trying that!).

and some tasty looking chicken tenders.

The chicken looked great!

The dipping sauces sounded pretty amazing, too.

So here's what we ended up ordering. At risk of looking like crazy people who haven't eaten in years, we ordered two sandwiches: a Krispy Chicken Sandwich and a Fish Sandwich (I was hoping it'd taste like a Mcdonalds Fish Fillet which I haven't had in years!), then a single Stuffed Jalepeno Popper (I heard so much about these!), 2 Pieces of Dark Meat Chicken, Buffalo Wings, some sort of appetiser-looking Chicken Bites, and a 5 Piece Shrimp meal, and a Fountain Drink.

Hey, don't judge us, okay. We had really rough night at the airport and needed fried chicken therapy.

All things considered, for the amount of food we ordered it really wasn't a lot of money. Converting from USD to CAD it would be considered pretty pricey, but if you're from the states then this is pretty great.

And then our order was up! Who's those two massive bags for? Oh yes, yes that's for us.

Note: We took pictures of all the food immediately, but we slowly devoured everything on our way from Dallas to San Jose. 

So first up: The 2 Piece Fried Chicken and Honey Butter Biscuit. The chicken was pretty great. If you've ever had KFC it had that kind of texture, not loaded up on batter like Popeyes. Well seasoned, juicy, and just marvellous!

The Honey Butter Biscuit needs to replace our hard salty biscuit bricks at all of the Popeyes locations in Toronto ASAP. This was soft, slightly sweet, and buttery. My husband doesn't like Popeyes biscuits but he had a full one of these!

This was the Shrimp Meal, which was pretty amazing too, especially with the dips. The fries were fantastic as well.

This was the Jalepeno Popper which I ordered out of curiosity. I've never had one before so I didn't know it'd be deep fried, and I also didn't know it'd be using a pickled Jalepeno, not a fresh one. I wasn't too sure what to make of it, I think the fact that it was a deep-fried crunchy pickle confused me a little, but I still enjoyed it because, well, cheese.

This was the Krispy Chicken Sandwich which was great. The bun wouldn't win any beauty prizes but it was light and not super bready like Popeyes, which was great because the portion of meat was way more than the bread.

Ah yes, this brings back memories. I have been craving a Fish Fillet from McDonalds for so long that I needed to try this Fish Sandwich. It had all the components that the Mcdonalds' one has, but it was a bit bigger, and it was a little greasy. If it was a little less greasy I would've given it top points.

These were the Buffalo Wings which I absolutely loved. Very flavourful and very buffalo-y. Yup I'd take another order of these right now if I could.

These were the Chicken Bites. While we were eating them we had forgotten that we had ordered them and had no idea what we were eating. I wasn't really impressed with these.

In conclusion I would say that we were comforted greatly by all of the fried deliciousness after our awful ordeal the night before, and I'm super glad that this place was near enough to the airport! :) I'd definitely eat here again!

Krispy Krunchy Chicken Location:

Address: 4101 N Story Rd, Irving, TX 75038, United States (13 mins from DFW Airport!)
Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 11AM to 10 PM, Friday & Saturday: 11AM to 11PM.

We loved the food! :) Thank you for uplifting our spirits before leaving Dallas, Krispy Krunchy Chicken!



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